Berr Chemical is a high-tech enterprise engaged in organic functional materials manufacture and specialized in providing kilograms to hundreds kilograms Screening Compound and Building Block product. It mainly deals with the R&D of new products, distribution,vendor relationship management and product manufacture. BerrChem is committed to serving the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical firm and factory, research institutions,university laboratories. It have more than hundreds regular products. Based on strong R&D capabilities, talented human resources, high quality and competitive prices, Berrchem has witnessed a fast growth on sales since its foundation. Our main focus is to provide chemical custom synthesis services, and drug synthesis technology optimization services on the new chemical products;and as well the high added-value medicine intermediate and drug development. We can provide premium tailor-made products to fit each customer need which ranging from grams to kilograms,by utilizing our highly efficient production process and our professional teams.For more BerrChem firm introductions can be get from following PDF files Products list of PRODUCTS by PDF

Custom Synthesis,Process Research, Development and Optimization
Custom Synthesis from Milligram to Kilogram Quantities If you need milligram quantities of material, think of our company. Our staff has a proven track record of preparing a wide range of compounds on an equally wide range of scales. As your requirements expand, our scientists meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Since the initial synthesis used to prepare a few milligrams may not be suitable to prepare tens to hundreds to thousands of grams of your target, our staff will adapt and adopt a synthesis that makes the best sense for your needs and more

Large-Scale Synthesis and Manufacturing Hot new products
Once your project reaches level of maturity, we offer commercial manufacturing facilities at plant of our partner company. Your project will benefit from seamless technology transfer from one stage to the next, as the team that guided your project through development follows the project through commercial more

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