Lab and Office Space of Berrchem
factory and lab
Our laboratories combined the institute research ability and fine chemical plants capacity to make a total newly research and development area which are equipped with instruments as below:
1. HPLC (high performance liquid chromatograph)
2. GC (Gas Chromatograph)
3. Spectrophotometer
4. AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer)
5. Spectrofluorometer
6. Polarimeter
7. Auto titrator
8. BOD Incubator
9. COD Incubator
10. Precision balance
11. Melting point apparatus
12. TLC system

factory and lab
Berrchem has commercial production site,located in Hangzhou Fine Chemical Zone and hangzhou Industrial Park,China. With the facility capable of handling up to multi-hundred-metric ton operation, Berrchem benefits from its wide range production choices, which gives us the advantage to supply our customers with flexible lead-time. Quality control at our commercial site covers following areas:

In-process quality control;
Batch analysis;
Ware-house labeling;
Release control;
Batch sample storage.

Glass-lined reactor: 1000L, 2000L, 3000L;
Stainless-steal reactor: 1000L,2000L;
Ceramic Reactors: 300L, 500L, 2000L;
Autoclaves:500L, 1000L;
Temperature range: -78C to 250C;
Pressure: up to 120psi;
High vacuum system: 1mmHg.

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